Access Webmail

Logging in

Webmail is available at this url: Ask for the login name and password if you don’t know it.

Webmail login

Email Accounts

If you log in with the reservations user you will see a drop-down list of email accounts top left of the page. This allows the manager and accounts email addresses to be accessed from the same page by switching between the email accounts.

Managing Emails

Webmail Screenshot

The page works as most webmail clients with folders on the left, a list of most recent emails in the centre and detail on the right when an email is selected.

  • Email titles in the list in bold typeface have not been opened
  • You can organise emails by dragging them from the list and dropping onto a folder (e.g. Bookings Sorted folder). An alternative way is to click the check box next to the emails then the folder icon above the list – it will show a drop-down of folders you can move the selected emails to
  • To reply or reply to all, select the email then use the return arrow icons towards the top right of the screen
  • If you are getting spam, click the check box to the left of the email(s) in the list and then click the flame icon above the list

Setting up Email Clients

For other mail clients (e.g. Outlook) use the following settings:

  • IMAP server:
  • log in with user name & password
  • SMTP server:
  • authenticate using same as IMAP


Any issues with emails contact Simon Maddox ( or 07785-504340).