Manage reservations requests

Website Reservations

Our new website has a “Book a Table” page where people can fill in details of their name, phone, party size and date/time and any special requirements via a message box.


When they click the Check Availability button 3 things happen:

  1. They are sent a confirmation email summarising the details they entered
  2. Our reservations email address also gets an email with the summary
  3. The Restaurant, Manage Reservations page gets the new request added to the top of the list.


Manage Reservations Page

Screenshot from 2016-05-13 11-48-01

To get to the Manage Reservations page we need to log into our Restaurant system. It is part of our website and can he accessed here:-

This link will first take you to the login page, where the username is reservations and the password is A***********n (ask Sarah!).

If the computer is already showing this page please note that it is not automatically refreshed. Refresh by clicking the Manage Reservations option on the left under the Restaurant main heading.

When requests come in they have the status “Pending”. The page shows the date & time requested, the requester’s details, party size and optional message (click button to see message). On the far right are 2 icons :

  • A calendar icon, that looks up whether the person has booked before (since April 2016)
  • An envelope icon, that allows a custom email to be sent back to the requester

Hovering on a pending request reveals some actions that can be performed – of particular interest the last to: Approve & Reject. Click on these links to action the request. There are preset emails configured that are then automatically sent back to the requester informing them of the decision.

Calendar View

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An alternative calendar view of the reservations is available on the left menu under the Restaurant heading – Calendar. A direct link to this page is:-

Log in if need be, as above. If the page is already displayed it may need refreshing by click on the Calendar option on the left, under the Restaurant heading.

The calendar page is colour coded to match the list view, with pending requests showing in yellow.


If a customer’s reservation request is confirmed they will receive a reminder email 24 hours before the booking.