Post a news item

After logging in, click on the Posts menu item on the left, near the top.

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This page shows a list of the most recent posts, their titles, author, category and date published.

Editing an existing post

Clicking on the title of a post will open it for editing if you need to update it. Hovering on the title shows several options including Clone – creating a new post based on this one.

Creating a new post

At the top of the Posts page there is an “Add New” button. Click this to create a new post from scratch


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There are 4 areas that need filling in:-

  1. Title – keep as short as possible for good legibility on mobile phones
  2. Main content (bottom left) – Keep most text in Paragraph font, which is the default. Use Heading 2 from the drop-down for sub-titles on the page if needed.
  3. Categories (right column) – select News for post to appear in the Latest News section
  4. Featured Image (scroll down on right) – click “Set Featured Image” to use an existing image or upload a new image to the Media Library

When complete click the blue “Publish” button top right of the page.